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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What Is A Catastrophic Injury Lawsuit?

A catastrophic injury is serious and holds the potential of changing the way someone lives completely. Suffering from a catastrophic injury refers to serious damage of the spine, the brain, skull fractures or spinal cord.

A Catastrophic Injury Lawsuit

When dealing with a catastrophic injury, if the event is due to the negligence of another individual, whether it is another driver, a company not providing necessary safety equipment or another issue all together, the person who has suffered this catastrophic injury should not be at fault.

Such an injury, even if the individual is able to survive it, is not only painful and reduces the quality of life, but these injuries are extremely expensive. People may end up paying hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars to pay for such injuries. Sometimes it is necessary to go after a health insurance provider who cuts off payment for the injuries or another financial provider who has pulled out money due to the cost, even though the ability to pull out is not in a signed contract.

Top Causes Of These Injuries

Around 12,500 people suffer a spinal cord injury and survive every year. In 2014, 29 percent of all spinal cord injuries in men were caused by auto accidents, while this number jumped up to 48 percent of female spinal injuries. The second largest cause of spinal cord injuries is a fall, with around 22 percent of both men and women suffering from this. Gun wounds to the spine is another major cause of these catastrophic injuries, with 16 percent of men who experience such injuries stemming from a gun wound.  

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