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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Causes Of Fatal Boating Accidents

When people go boating, there are some accidental situations that they can be subject to. A boat can capsize, a boat can overload or not be loaded in the right manner, someone can fall overboard, improper forward watch, not being mindful of weather conditions, and unsafe fuel practices. However, not all boating accidents are "accidents."

What Causes A Boating Accident

Some boating accidents are not accidents. They can be due to a boat being overloaded A lot of people who drive boats give a float plan to someone who can search for the in case they go missing. The float plan needs to consist of: where the boat is launching from and where it will be going, at what time the riders will leave and plan on returning, and who is on-board the boat.

Typical Boating Accidents

The most typical boating accidents are capsizing and falling off of the boat.

Capsizing often happens as a result of a boat not being loaded properly but can be caused by other things like turbulent weather.

Another reason boats capsize is that they anchor to their stern. These accidents are a lot alike. Falling overboard mostly happens when a boat is moored or at anchor. They are mostly caused by unstable footing or performing tasks that are not safe such as using the gun board or sideboard as a seat. A lot of people fall overboard during a turn that happens quickly, too tight, and takes place without any warning. Many people also die from boat overloading.

A lot of people die on a boat from it not being loaded properly. How stable a boat is is dependent on the weight and position of the weight on the boat. When the weight is shifted, the boat becomes unstable. This usually happens in boats that are under sixteen feet. A boat needs to be loaded in a proper manner and not be overloaded.

Boating Accident Statistics

The top five vessels that get into an accident are open motorboats, personal watercrafts, cabin motorcrafts, canoes/kayaks, and pontoon boats.

The top five causes of boating deaths are drowning, trauma, cardiac arrest, hypothermia, and carbon monoxide. Also, the main causes of boating accidents are the driver not paying attention, an inexperienced driver, improper lookout, machinery failure, driving too fast, drinking alcohol, unsafe waters, not following navigation guidelines, bad weather, and the force of wave/wake.

These boating accident descriptions and statistics show that boating accidents happen way too often and often people die during them. When people are on a boat, they need to follow the rules of the water, like they hopefully do when they are driving on the highways and roads. Legally if a boating accident occurs that was due to someone else's negligence, you can file a personal injury claim, find out more here.



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